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Dasa, is the largest Medical Diagnostic Laboratory in Latin America.  The company’s many doctors and health professionals work together to make intelligent decisions to provide their patients with the best care possible. When the Pandemic came to Brazil, Dasa had to rise to the challenge of testing millions of citizens.  Aside from COVID tests, the lab already performs over 5,000 different types of tests and more than 250 million tests per year.  Adding COVID-19 testing was yet another challenge.  Dasa’s massive patient database creates enormous amounts of information that must be communicated efficiently and securely to both the patients and physicians.  The need for rapid testing and results driven by COVID had to be accomplished while maintaining the security of sensitive client data. 


  • The need for rapid testing and results driven by COVID had to be accomplished while maintaining the security of sensitive data of the Brazilian citizens.
  • Enable the integration of the RNDS and its various agencies with the Federal District and all 26 states while maintaining constant monitoring of the flow of information in a highly secure manner.


To ensure the Near Real-Time exchange of information between Dasa systems and the RNDS in a smooth, secure, and highly available manner.


In just two weeks, Digibee enabled the integration between Dasa’s internal systems, the Single Patient Record system, and the RNDS systems.  Not only did these seamless integrations allow for 65 different service units to schedule and deliver more than 10,000 exams that were made through the platform, but they also helped millions get the service of care they needed during the COVID pandemic.


  • Digibee has a successful track record with Dasa working on M&A projects since 2019.  The Digibee platform facilitated the integration of more than four acquired companies’ legacy systems.
  • Digibee solved and implemented the integration in an agile and practical way, simplifying the ecosystem.
  • Scalability was ensured through Digibee’s unique Kubernetes based, cloud native architecture.

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