Accelerate Your Business with Capsules

Digibee Capsules pack common integration steps into reusable components that can be safely shared across your organization — saving time, effort and total cost.

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Grow Your Partner & Customer Ecosystem

Grow your partner and customer ecosystem by making it easier, quicker, and safer to connect with new partners, systems, and customers to provide new services compared to a traditional API strategy
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Accelerate IT Modernization

Accelerate IT modernization through complex technical and business logic that is required for legacy and modern systems like new protocols, data flow limitations, and security standards are simplified for the integration developer.

Boost Cloud Migration Efforts

Accelerate the cloud migration journey. Capsules enable an easy way for integrations to flow data from on-premises to the cloud to migrate or to live in a hybrid context in the long term.
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The Benefits

Make Your Integration Process Simple

Capsules allow integration architects and developers to bypass the complexity of interacting with common third-party systems.

Out-of-the-box integration

Go to market faster and increase revenue

Enhanced security


Evolve Your Integrations Into Reusable Business Logic

Capsules evolve the integration process in a simple and straightforward way. Capsules deliver more value at an unmatched speed in the market with superior security, increased reusability and high-quality integrations at a fast pace with lower implementation and operational support costs.

The Benefits

Take Control of Your Systems

Capsules can be built by your own organization, using a documentation form defining all parameters and codes, or by working with the Digibee team and made publicly available for use by other organizations.

Simplified Maintenance

Capsule maintenance is done automatically and updates are reflected simultaneously across all versions, while strictly respecting version control. Major updates include a new capsule version that allows companies to migrate at the most opportune time.

Less Friction with Service Consumers

Connectivity, security and resilience without changing the systems when delivering solutions.

Increased security

Capsules enhance security with more accurate logic tests versus a trial and error process. Built with strategic safety aspects, well designed integrations and pre-tested for the same use case, capsules guarantee safety against threats. 

Standardization for Each Use Case

Internal and external use cases that you can package and reuse with maximum quality and safety in a well thought out business logic makes integration faster and easier.

Ready-to-use and reusable integration

Capsules have a series of components and business and technical use cases ready for market solutions, which allows you to accelerate your projects. They can be reused anytime and used simultaneously with other partners — both internally and externally.

Increased revenue

Capsules allow you to streamline your integrations and take priority for a business partnership. Capsules further accelerate your development flows and services, increasing your competitiveness and taking you to market faster and at a lower cost.

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