Digibee’s HIP New User Experience

Build, Run, Monitor


The Digibee HIP Platform has a new visual and navigation experience that was designed to maintain simplicity in usability from the user’s first access through the handling of daily day-to-day activities.

The new platform layout and its new information architecture is the first step in the revolution we are promoting through our interface.


Integrations Without Complexity in Just 3 Steps

This experience was designed to consolidate the integration building cycle to three views. When navigating through the new Platform, our users will find three new menus: Build – Run – Monitor.


Build is an assistant for pipeline creation. Through it, it is possible to create and group pipelines and Capsules to facilitate the development of complex integrations. 

There are two purposes for the Build feature. One purpose is to build the pipeline with the predefined components of the platform. The second is  to build new reusable components called Capsules.

A new feature in this menu is that now the user can create projects.  A project is a grouping of pipelines and its deployments (Run).

The list of projects in a realm is also visible in the pipeline list’s view, allowing the user to:

– Keep track of how many pipelines exist in each project;

– Move a pipeline from one project to another;

– Move multiple pipelines simultaneously for a project.   

Using projects, it is possible to increase productivity, visualization, search and management of pipelines, especially in organizations with several pipelines and teams.


Run is the time to deploy, test, and execute the pipeline created in the Platform. This is where the deployments are made and the runtime happens (hense where the name Run came from).

Here it is also possible for users to organize their deployments within the projects they created in Build and thus filter and view deployments by project, and allow or restrict access to move a deployment from one project to another. 

Viewing deployments organized by project makes it easy to track and manage integrations in execution.


The Monitor feature allows the user to track pipeline metrics and monitor integrations with the following views:

    • Overview
    • Executions Completed
    • Response Time
    • Logs


Other Features and News

Administrative Area 

All the other functionalities of the platform are located in this area, where it is possible to access:

  • Administration: Audit and Users 

●  Settings: Globals – Accounts – Consumers – Relationships – Multi-instance – Capsules

Create Button 

The “Create” button also gained a new standard and is now always in the upper right corner, regardless of the menu or screen that the user is using. Now the create button function depends on the screen the user is working on. If the user is in the Users screen, the Create Button will create a user, if they are in the Run area, it will create a new deploy, and so on.

New Project 

When the user is in the Pipeline screen (Build Menu), the Create Button will show options in a drop down to choose either between creating a new pipeline or a new project.

When creating new projects, the user can organize their pipelines and deploys by project, as if they were organized by folders.

New Layout and the Beginning of a Revolution 

The new layout of Digibee HIP makes the arrangement of features even more intuitive.  These improvements are able to better guide users through their system integration’s routine in a step-by-step manner, adhering to our goal of simplified construction.

In addition, it maintains the simplicity of navigation and space to scale features or new elements that may arise, connecting your integrations quicker and easier than before. 

With Digibee HIP’s new experience, our clients gain even more benefits in building simple, fast, and quality integrations to optimize project delivery. 


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