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GJP Group

GJP Hotels & Resorts is a national company with a presence from the Northeast to the South of Brazil, with more than 15 years of experience in the hotel market.






GJP Group


São Paulo, Brasil



Created in 2005 by businessman Guilherme Paulus, GJP is one of the biggest names in tourism in Brazil with 10 of their own hotels, more than 3,000 apartments available to guests, modern centers for events, business, and leisure all depending on a sales team distributed across Brazil.



Digibee’s first challenge within GJP was to digitize the check-in / check-out process at one of the Group’s airport hotels – Prodigy Santos Dumond.

Their main customers are passengers looking to rest a little before a next connection or the airline’s own crew.

Customers were complaining about a delay in being able to check in at the hotel. Even when making the reservation in advance, they had to go through reception to complete the check in process, which was causing frustration and dissatisfaction increasing the risk of customer churn

The main obstacle to digitizing check-in / check-out was technology and integration. It required the implementation of a self-service totem integrated with the CMNET Totvs system (PMS used by GJP).


Despite the traditional set up of the hospitality industry, the GJP Group sought to differentiate itself in the market through digitizing part of the guest experience and leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. The most commonly used systems, Property Management Systems (PMS), are legacy systems that are poorly prepared for integration with new technologies.

The GJP Group hired a CIO and created GJP Labs, an innovation hub within the company to design solutions and seek new technologies and approaches to drive digital innovation in the hospitality industry.


Digibee integrated Totem Self Check-in directly with the CMNET system. 100% of the process was digitized, accelerated, and done securely without the need to generate queues.


The result includes the practicality of the procedures adopted by those who arrive to stay at the GJP. Today, the customer enters the hotel, checks in the totem pole, confirms the information, takes the key right there and goes to the room without having to interact with anyone else.

In an interview with the M&E website, Matheus Henrique Garcia, CIO of GJP Hotels & Resorts explained that the customer makes the first access to the system on the totem, which automatically captures the guest’s face. The face is stored in our database and becomes the key for validating and identifying the data for the continuity of the reservation, all automatically and through an integration platform (API) that automatically searches for the reservation information.

In numbers:

  • 80% Reduced time in line;
  • 70% of the guests who use it declare that they exceeded expectations;
  • 100% reduction in queue complaints.



    Digibee proved to be different in what it could deliver to the GJP Group, offering what is most modern, agile and secure in the systems integration market. Effectiveness that was proven in the words of the company’s own CIO at the time. According to him, with the support of Digibee, it was possible to integrate and orchestrate all the systems in 10 times less time than it would take through a traditional integration process.

    The success of the partnership between the GJP Group and Digibee was so consistent and satisfactory that, after the completion of this first delivery, Digibbe became an integration hub for GJP, generating further advances and other fronts.


    • More than 70 flows built and monitored by the platform;
    • AGILITY in the construction of integrations REDUCING TIME by up to 10 TIMES in relation to traditional processes;
    • INCREASED EFFICIENCY promoting R $ 300,000 SAVINGS in operating costs in 2019;
      Over 19,000 TRANSACTIONS processed daily.

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