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Payless ShoeSource

Payless ShoeSource teams up with Digibee to integrate a secure e-commerce platform with more than 400 stores across 15 countries in a standard, fast, and reliable process.







Payless ShoeSource

Retail Wholesale

Topeka, KS


Payless is an international, self-serve fashion-focused footwear retail chain. The company was founded in 1956 in Topeka, Kansas and has expanded significantly within the domestic and international markets to almost 4,500 stores in 30 countries.

The Payless brand continues to thrive across its extensive global network serving millions of consumers in approximately 700 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America, as well as parts of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


Payless was looking to integrate its brand-new e-commerce platform with its more than 400 brick and mortar stores that spread across 15 countries. Each country had different legal and fiscal requirements that had to be addressed by the integration platform.

The integration process had to deploy a solution that was scalable for sales spikes, reliable for consistency and uptime and completely encrypted and secure. The timeline was aggressive, so the integration process had to rollout the platform quickly.


Integrate the Payless e-commerce platform with more than 400 stores across 15 countries in a standard, fast and reliable way.


Digibee used its Hybrid Integration Platform and simplexity mindset to integrate the VTEX e-commerce platform with the RetailPro Point of Sales solution. The process flows between the two systems exchanged data of sales orders, product and customers master files quickly and securely.


Efficiency: Automation and standardization of the integration process across more than 400 stores in 15 countries.

Security: All messages are encrypted end-to-end.

Visibility: The Digibee solution tracks the integration process including the intermediate steps in near real-time,.

Scalability: Digibee HIP solution provides scalable integration process addressing typical sales peaks such as black Friday and other promotional days.


Digibee has a robust, secure, scalable and reliable platform that is required for critical business processes for an e-commerce solution.

Digibee simplified the integration process by integrating more than 400 stores in 15 countries. 

Digibee solution offers 24/7 monitoring that automatically identifies any problem in the integration flow and generates alerts in real-time.

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