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Bauducco Case Study

Bauducco Case Study

Bauducco looks to Digibee to implement a pilot with a U.S. customer to exchange EDI files, increase accuracy and eliminate manual input through the Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform.

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The Weir Group Case Study

The Weir Group Case Study

The Weir Group calls on Digibee to integrate a new global payroll solution (Workday) with the current local ERP (Proteus), a new MES system (42Q) with SAP and Ariba platform with SAP.

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Explanations and Demonstrations


Building a Pipeline with Digibee

Building a Pipeline with Digibee

Watch and experience Digibee’s flexible, user-friendly design canvas that enables drag and drop form-based integration development for even the most complex situations.

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Beyond APIs

Beyond APIs

See how to actively create and manage systems integrations with Digibee’s hybrid integration platform that’s geared to your different digital transformation projects and not just another piece of integration architecture.

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 Still Not Sure If a HIP Is Right for You?

Get in touch and see how our simplexity mindset allows us to approach integrations from the outside in, focusing on the data rather than the components and connections, which allows us to identify where your data is, so we can give you the power back. 

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Customer Testimonials

“Digibee orchestrated the connection in 48 hours through its Hybrid Integration Platform. There was a need to verify and monitor each step of the integration process.

Today, Digibee connects more than 6 million transactions per day and we are expanding to new fronts such as POS terminals, taxation and a new cloud platform for sales. ”

Patricia Camara

Head of IT, Makro Brazil

“We had the challenge of democratizing access to information to our 10,000 cooperative members, and with that, we found in Digibee the most efficient wat to make our new communication model viable, where we implemented all the integration flows with half the structure used in traditional integrations.”

Emerson Zanoti

Integrated IT Supervisor

“With Digibee, we reduced both the time and cost of our integration process by 30%. In addition, we simplified a lot of the landscape of our SAP program and legacy systems.” 

Analy de Magalhães

CIO, Pandurata Group (Bauducco)

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