Case Study

Santander  Bank

Digibee integrated a new solution that streamlined the cash-in-transit process, strengthened security, increased efficiency and reduced operation costs.






Santander Bank

Banking and Finance

Boston, MA


Banco Santander Brazil is the fifth largest commercial bank in Brazil in terms of assets. With more than 9 million customers, it operates in all segments of financial markets, with a network of 3,696 branches and service centers and 18,312 ATMs, accounting for 50 percent of the total profit of the group.


Integrating a broad and complex logistics network to distribute paper currency. This network includes bank branches, ATMs, stores, bank main depots, central bank, security transportation companies and several other partners.

Operations were very slow and insecure relying on highly manual process encompassing hundreds of people, thousands of emails, and versioned spreadsheets.

Near real-time tracking and monitoring was impossible with the old, manual process.


Integrate Santander operation with Cash-in-Transit Companies (CIT) considering the diversity of systems and different maturity of process.

The new solution should streamline the process, strengthen security, increase efficiency and reduce operation costs.


Santander Bank is using Digibee HIP to integrate its transport requests and tracking near real time the status of the security transport operation all over the country.


Efficiency: Automate the process, eliminating several tools and reducing significantly the work-force involved.

Security: All messages are encrypted end-to-end.

Visibility: The new solution tracks the process including the intermediate steps in near real time. 

Simplicity: Digibee HIP solution solved the integration with different systems and protocols. For Santander, it is always the same message and format.


Digibee has robust, secure, scalable and reliable platform that is required for critical business process at banks.

Digibee simplified the Santander solution by integrating different companies, systems, protocols into a unique type of message.

Digibee solution offers a 24/7 monitoring that automatically identifies any problem in the integration flow generating alerts in real-time.

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