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Wilson, Sons

Wilson, Sons taps Digibee to lead its digital transformation efforts and solve the challenge of facilitating its integration process, while reducing dependencies on APIs, in order to guarantee a more agile innovation process.







Wilson, Sons

Port Logistics

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Focused on providing port, maritime and land logistics services, Wilson, Sons is one of the largest integrated operators of maritime, port and logistics services in Brazil. Wilson, Sons offers specialized solutions in the areas of port terminals, maritime towing, logistics, maritime agency, support for the exploration and development of the oil and gas industry and the naval industry, supporting domestic and international trade.

Founded in 1837 in Salvador, Bahia, Wilson, Sons is one of the oldest private companies in Brazil.


With a focus on the future, Wilson, Sons saw digital transformation as a way to accelerate internal processes and longevity of operations. To achieve this goal, the organization needed to facilitate its integration process and reduce the dependency on APIs in order to guarantee a more agile innovation process.


Initially, Wilson, Sons supported the Coupa system implementation team – the firm’s new purchase request channel –  in the integration with its ERP.

With this system in place, Wilson, Sons wanted to optimize the vessels’ support system that facilitates the contact between the chief engineer and the service on land.

Once optimized, the problems could be more clearly identified and diagnosed more quickly, thus accelerating the solution delivery time.


The initial solution was to connect Wilson, Sons’ ERP to the ERPs of its various suppliers (according to the architecture below), delivering a new purchasing platform that brought more agility to the process.

Subsequently, the company developed a new support process for vessels that has an efficient service through a chatbot, where the operator is located and identified. Responding to native queries, the system identifies possible failures and provides guidance on how to resolve them. In more complex cases, the system opens an internal call and forwards the service.


In record time, Digibee delivered the first solution through its Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) that gave the Wilson, Sons’ supply area the necessary agility to meet the growing demands.

Subsequently, Digibee’s HIP was instrumental in the work of the company’s IT team, which resulted in a much more agile maintenance process through the help of chatbots, which are gradually inserted in other sectors of the company, meeting more needs Wilson, Sons expected.


Digibee’s hybrid integration platform provided the ideal application for Wilson, Son’s goal of accelerating digital transformation, through low-code solutions, reducing dependence on APIs and promoting systems integration in a simpler and more agile way.

Digibee offers an efficient remote on-boarding service and support team that provides both answers to existing problems, current platform insights and additional solutions.

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